Benvenuti a tutti!

I am very excited to say we are back! We may not be much now but my team and I are continually adding content as we get it. In the months ahead we will be a great resource of Italian information. As this year’s events get finalized they will be posted.

I was raised on my family’s farm in Glenshaw. Back then they provided fresh produce to the Italian neighborhoods and Restaurants of Pittsburgh. We were know as the farm on the ‘Hill’.  As if working the farm was not a full time job, my ‘Nonni’ & Nonno entertained family and friends every summer. I’m not talking twenty or thirty. I’m talking hundreds. I could be exaggerating but I’m not. I’m one of twenty-six cousins that lived on that farm. The math is pretty easy from there. I want to keep that tradition alive.

Lucchesi in my mind is the heart of the Tuscan Region. It is my mission to support and promote that culture. I would hope that my children and my children’s children will do the same in years to come.

So I invite all of you to Be Italiano … See the good in all you meet and give those you meet all the good in you.

Ciao for now,

Giuseppe Francioni

Lucchesi nel Mondo